The education scenario in Kerala is now phasing a big leap by the introduction of private sector participation in the Professional Education. With these current developments the state is heading towards becoming an Educational hub of South India. Even if there are institutions in number, most of them lack adequate and effective facilities and structure to provide Quality Education.
In the present context, Thrissur and its premises have good potential for Educational Institutions providing high standard education, where Keralite all over the world seeks admission to higher studies.

2. FOCUS FOUNDATION : Education is the transmission of civilization

The mission of Focus Foundation is to advance knowledge and educate students in science, technology and other areas of scholarship that will best serve the nation and the world in the 21st century.
The Foundation is committed to generating, disseminating, and preserving knowledge, and to working with others to bring this knowledge to bear on the world’s great challenges. Focus Foundation is dedicated to providing its students with an education that combines rigorous academic study and the excitement of discovery with the support and intellectual stimulation of a diverse campus community. We seek to develop in each member of the Focus Foundations community the ability and passion to work wisely, creatively, and effectively for the betterment of humankind.


The project is for setting up a World class institution for engineering, technology and research as an ‘Institute of Excellence with a Vision for comprehensive development of every pupil, along with selective attention and support to nurture special tastes and talents in students apart from curriculum’.

• Offering instruction in engineering and applied sciences at a level comparable to the very best in the world.
• Providing best facilities for under graduate studies and research.
• Providing leadership in curriculum planning and laboratory development.
• Developing program for faculty development both for its own staff.
• Developing close collaboration with industry through exchange of personnel and undertaking consultancy projects.
• Developing strong collaboration links with other academic and research institutions in the country and abroad.
• Anticipating the technological needs for India and to plan and prepare to cater to men.
• Developing continuing education program.
• Catering to the development of a culture for maintenance and conservation.


The Project, Focus Institute of Science and Technology (FIST), a project of FOCUS FOUNDATION in scenic and calm village atmosphere is conceived as a quality education centre with a theme.
The project foresees to nourish cultural and moral values, giving ambience and direction to learning by encouraging the thirst for enquiry, investigation & discovery and learn for the total development in life.


There are many fields in engineering. The basic purpose of engineering is to design and manufacture the hardware of life. Engineers also repair, modify and construct efficient and economical products, by applying scientific principles to a variety of solutions. They have a hand in the creation of anything in use anywhere. Engineering has several branches, and often the knowledge in one branch can be applied to many fields. Moreover, in any organization or project, engineers from one field work with engineers and specialists of many other fields as well. Some of the major specializations we are planning to offer are:
• Civil Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering
• Electrical & Electronics Engineering
• Electronics and Communication Engineering
• Computer Science Engineering


Being a new Institution, Our institution will not have proven track record and hence facing minor obstacles in entering the market. We need to penetrate into the competitive scene by carefully crafting the strategy for creating the reputation of a good curriculum based institution.


The key factor for success of the project is its features, acceptability within the potential group, and the promoting strategy. Since we are intending for constant and everlasting good will, and maximum efforts must be taken to ensure the development of learning atmosphere and environment, interaction with scholars and guardians, then acceptance is not a problem.


For Achieving the Academic Excellence, staff selection shall be done on 100% merit basis; Staff shall be retained by providing adequate remunerations and facilities.


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