Focus Institute of Architecture

The location of the proposed college “Focus Institute of Architecture” is just 9.2 Kms. away from Thrissur town and is a semi urban area named POOMALA. The proposed site is 1000 meters close to poomala check dam and blessed with lush green land in an unadulterated area of Thrissur district. The total area of the land is approximately 12.6 acres. The local population, by and large, belongs to lower middle class.

The Indian architecture has its own old style, popularity and reputation from the ancient period itself. By the introduction of the colonial administration of the British, the architectural industry of India showed signs of decline. The British people only aimed at construction of buildings, roads and railways for flourishing their business in India. Till independence of India, there was no any outstanding growth in the architectural Engineering. The revival of the Indian architecture showed its sign on the coming up of prominent architects in the field like Mr. Laurie Baker, B.V.Dhoshi, Raj Rewal, Charles Correa and others.

Now there are plenty of opportunities for new architects in this area and can provide direction and guidance to those who want to become entrepreneurs. Every Indian knows that ‘Soul of India lies in the Villages’. it is our aim to make all the villages self-sufficient in all the fields.

Since, FOCUS INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTURE (FIA) has a unified approach of enthusiastic, self-driven, eminent /reputed professionals, the expectations of the society will be more. By accepting this expectation, our aim is to provide quality education in architectural engineering. We aim to develop this college as one of the renowned institutions of the world and this will create the way forward for our highly motivated and technically skilled students to grab lot of overseas opportunities. We are targeting to mould dynamic and competent corporate experts of Indian origin. Having ample experience in the field coupled with a curious mind scope to seek out the updates and follow ups in the field, we do sense every pulse that thumps in the arena. We believe “Education is the Transmission of Civilization”.


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